The Facilities

A modern main lodge containing four twin bedrooms, each with its own fully equipped bathroom, a modern kitchen, with a walk-in cooler, large dining & living room area, private cook's living quarters, private staff dining room and bar area.

A second newly constructed accommodation building with three larger twin bedrooms, a full bathroom and lounge/living area. Occupants of this building dine in the main lodge.

Other onsite facilities include a separate five bedroom guides quarters building, a separate building containing library, TV video facilities as well as well as pantry and chief guide's quarters, a fish storage/packing facility, a gazebo, two diesel generator power houses, helicopter pad, a workshop and main dock.

A sheltered lunch ground facility at the lower end of the lake four a midday shore-lunch.

Water, supplied from the lake is not treated. Treated/ bottled water is available in the main lodge. Heating is supplied via woodstoves, plumbing via septic tank/disposal field, electricity (110) by diesel generators and cooking/refrigeration by propane. All on-site buildings are inter-connected by boardwalks. All windows/doors are screened to minimize the mosquito and black fly irritations.

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